Friday, 2 July 2010

Day 1 - Friday 2nd/Saturday 3rd July THE TWILOGY

Okay so this is a bit of a weird one (hence the date!) but I had to do it. I wanted to start this blog proper with the day I went to my Twilight triple bill.

I booked to go and see the midnight screening of Twilight Saga : Eclipse (on Saturday night actually, although I've had to go on Saturday night instead, but that's a different story*) and then my sister-in-law Katy informed me of the Twilight/New Moon double bill at the Vue.

GASP!!!! I had, up until now, never seen Twilight on the big screen so we HAD to do it. Exhaustion be damned.

7pm showing of Twilight, 9.30pm New Moon and 0.05am of Eclipse. FANTASTIC!!!

What an absolutely great night. I had a massive coffee during Twilight to keep me awake, though I don't think it helped all that much. I had to pee like a horse after that film had finished and I still found myself lagging about halfway through New Moon - luckily during a slightly slow-going Jacob/Bella bit! I actually considered having a 10 minute cat nap, but knew I'd never wake up again for the Edward Sparkle Reunion so decided that probably wasn't the best plan!!

And then lo and behold, adrenaline fuelled me through Eclipse. Adrenaline and excitement!!! I'll be honest though... I don't think I was actually really paying all that much attention. I was watching it, for sure, most likely with a gigantic stupid grin on my face, but I don't know exactly how much I was taking in!!

So I'll be glad to see it again next Friday.

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