Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tuesday 13th July TWITARDED & TEEN MAGS

Couple of Twilights today. First of all - got to point you towards THIS Twitarded entry which had me LITERALLY laughing out loud and nearly pissing myself!!! So bloody funny (lots of swearing though - be warned!)

And the second one - although I will start with WHY do all the little bitty teenagers get all the goodies attached to their magazines?? It's getting just a tiny bit embarrassing having to buy all these Sugar/Mizz/Teen/etc.... magazines just to get the good stuff  - but I did buy a couple today, one having an Eclipse special in it.

Quite a lot of good stuff in there (including a feature entitled "Smile Kristen!" Sarcasm abound!!) and also, I saw some links to the competitions in there, so I went to their website, and scored myself some free cafepress stickers!!


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