Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wednesday 14 July EP!!!

Emancipation Proclamation is back up!!

Okay I feel slightly ill-equipped to recommend this to everyone as I have not yet read it all myself, but it comes so highly recommended by everyone ELSE that it can't NOT be good.

It is a work of fan fiction and is loosely based around the characters from the Twilight Saga - i.e. it is not about vampires, but the character names are the same and the author (one J Darhower, known in the Twilighting world as  khariZZmatik) fits their personalities into the storyline, which I actually prefer - as opposed to it actually being about the people from Twilight Saga continuing on after Breaking Dawn or offshoots from the other books.

Anyway, it is the Twilight of my day today because, after being introduced to it and literally reading only three chapters and getting very excited about reading more, the blog was offline for quite some time as khariZZmatik was making some pretty significant changes - looks like she's getting ready to get it published?!?!? - and now it's back!

All exciting stuff. To read Emancipation Proclamation (please do) just click on the name. It'll take you right to the prologue.

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