Sunday, 25 July 2010


So I'm at my training meeting this morning (I'm a WeightWatchers Leader), when my FBT suddenly says "Em, did you go and see Eclipse??"

I looked seriously confused for a moment, wondering how he knew I even liked Twilight!! So I asked him, and he pointed at my tattoo.
I didn't even know he had read the books, let alone remembered that I had the tattoo, but it turned out that he remembered talking about my twi-obsession right back in November last year at my original training workshop!!

So cool. And then afterwards, I met another Leader who had come for the afternoon training meeting who literally came in at the end of the conversation, overheard the word "Eclipse" and we all started talking again.

Love how the Twilight saga can bring people together who don't even know each other and give them a shared passion!

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