Thursday, 15 July 2010


So I promised a review of my second viewing and here it is.... a bit late!

First of all, can I just say I was DEFINITELY more awake this time!! I was able to pay more attention and really see it. I'm sure I'll see it more on subsequent viewings, but for now this is my next review.

I'm not a film critic so don't expect in depth stuff. I am a film-goer. You will get whatever spews out of my mouth. Like "Oooo oooo! I know!!! What was with....?!" And don't expect it to be in movie order either!! But DO expect spoilers!!

Things I absolutely loved:

  • Rob as Edward. I said it last time and I say it again - this film (and obviously David Slade) has got the best performance EVER out of Robert Pattinson. Even now when I read the books, I don't see Rob as Edward. Maybe if he spoke with his normal accent it would be a little closer (my book Edward has an English accent for some reason?!) but anyway, this film got him a heck of a lot closer. Bravo movie Edward, bravo. His best performance in the role yet.
  • Taylor Lautner. I'm pretty sure I said THIS before as well, but he had better get awards for this role. He plays Jacob so well that even I feel sorry for him and I am NOT a Jacob fan from the books. (But then that's because I like book Bella - I do NOT like movie Bella so that probably helps the sympathy!) However, TL has got it down. No doubt about it.
  • JASPER!!!! I am so glad we got to see more of Jasper in this film. I mean I knew we would, because of his back story in the book, but still - it was GREAT in the film. I loved it all and Jackson Rathbone played it to perfection. Loved how Jackson powered up his accent a bit too! And he KICKED ASS in the battle scenes. It was like here's Jasper kicking a newborn butt. Here's Jasper helping a wolf by tearing a newborn's head off. Here's Jasper ripping a newborn's arms off. Here's Jasper. THERE'S Jasper!! LOVED IT!!
  • The proposal.... Robward just shone. And this time I really DID get weepy seeing how absolutely delighted he was when Bella says yes.
  • The costumes. Much better than New Moon (not difficult! and on a par with Twilight too!)
  • The tent scene. Just. THUD.
  • Rosalie being 'a little theatrical'!
  • RILEY!!! What a great guy in a great role. Shame he's only in it for one film!
  • The inclusion of a lot of stuff from Stephenie Meyer's latest Novella "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner". I think for those that have read it, it really brought a lot of the film to life, and for those that haven't it put some really interesting details into the film. GO AND READ IT!!!
Things I didn't love so much:
  • Kristen Stewart. I'm sorry, but I think she's always going to come at the top of this list. Maybe by Breaking Dawn she'll have cracked it, but I only saw one scene where she had any emotion for me, that was when she was saying goodbye to her mother.
  • The plot eliminations: 1) One being them missing out of explaining about Quil and Claire (the toddler) imprinting which will become VERY important in Breaking Dawn in stopping everyone from thinking Jacob is a big ol' paedophile. 2) And Rosalie's friend Vera with the chubby baby Henry. The only other human she has EVER been jealous of (aside from Bella) because she had a baby - also explains why she is so defensive (protective) about baby later on. Although I guess this was kind of covered with the "Emmett grey-haired by my side, surrounded by our grandchildren" but still. And we did see Vera, but she was seen as a lust-interest of Royce's which isn't the same. 3) And this is a BIG one.... Bree. She was not portrayed as a bloodthirsty newborn at all.... and this was what she was supposed to be like so that Bella would see that and think that's what she was going to be like when SHE is turned. So that's a big miss.
  • Oh and then little things like Bella saying she likes the bed that Edward got for her, when in the book she hates it - that's just a little thing, but it led to us having to lose the beloved line "I was just trying to illustrate the benefits of the bed you don't seem to like" 
  • I also wasn't keen on the way Bella spoke to Edward in this movie either. It was almost as if they were trying to really amplify the Bella/Jacob relationship in Eclipse - which I suppose worked, but at the expense of Bella/Edward. It made Edward look fine, but it also made him look like a bit of an idiot to put up with all of her crap, yelling at him and talking to him the way she did AND kissing another guy!
  • The ring.... I think it is a little TOO bling to be vintage.
  • The make-up.... on some shots you could actually see it. It looked kinda powdery.
Things I'm on the fence about:
  • The "New" Victoria - I love Bryce Dallas Howard, I think she is an absolutely superb actress and I always said I would reserve judgement on her as Victoria until I had seen it. The general consensus seems to be that she doesn't "exude" evil like Rachelle did (not sure if that's a good or bad thing for Rachelle!!!) but I do tend to agree - this could be because the entire cast said she's the nicest woman on the planet who would never hurt a fly, but she said she worked on being angry and evil!! Added to which I think she got Victoria's voice absolutely spot-on to the book's description - like a baby's tinkling voice, which I don't think Rachelle did. I think they were both good in different ways.
  • The placing of the soundtrack. Some of it was really great and some of it was just wasted on a snippet. And Florence and the Machine??? In the CREDITS??!?!? I'm just glad I've got it on my iPod.
I can't think of much more at the moment, hope this will keep you going!!

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