Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thursday 15th July KELLAN LOVE

Another great thing is when you see a Twi-star dishing out the love - even if it's not for you.

Kellan Lutz has his own Twitter account @kellanlutz (he also says on there that this is his ONLY social networking outlet so if you're following him on anything else, Facebook, myspace, etc.... it's not him) and recently he was on the Alan Carr Chatty Man show and was shown videos of our friend Emma Clark (aka NuttyMadam of youtube fame - click on her name back there to see her now infamous "reaction" videos - follow her, she's a superstar!) doing her reaction to meeting him and touching his stomach!

She was very vociferous about it and annoyingly everyone everywhere takes the piss out of her for it (grrrrrr), but that all backfires because Kellan LOVED it!! And her. And can be heard to say on an aussie radio show that he wants "to meet her again, hang out with her and be her best friend!"

Bless her, she tweeted him to say that she's not normally so crazy, and his reply was just SO sweet:

@NuttyMadam ummm sooo yeahhh I kinda adore you and wish you were that intense :) it seriously made my day! All my love! You are so beautiful

This made my day. Lovely :-)

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