Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wednesday 21st July - 100 MONKEYS!

One of the Twilights of today was having the link given to me to be able to watch the 100 Monkeys show from last night (well actually 4am this morning our time GAH!) at Saint Rocke, California.

(Video from JustinTV )

100 Monkeys is the band that Jackson Rathbone (J. Action!) is in, for those of you who don't know!! The other band members are Ben Graupner (Ben G - unfeasibly tall guy playing many instruments!) Ben Johnson (Ben J - he's the guy with the white man fro!) Jerad Anderson (J Rad - the other one with the hat on) and Uncle Larry! (He's the one playing keyboards right at the start of the video)

(For a proper band intro, scoot to 1:09:49 on the vid!!)

They're great and they put on a wicked show.... maybe that is going to be one of my aims - to actually see them play live. Either that or convince them to come over here.....

You can follow them on twitter or see their official website:

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