Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday 26th September - Flights to NashCon

Did I already tell you I'm going to NashCon? That's a Twilight Convention in Nashville, Tennessee next March. I'll be meeting a whole load of my Twi-loving sisters in America and I can't wait!!

Anyway,  I've already got the money saved up for my ticket (going to be getting a Gold Package) and then have a little left over for flights and I'm asking for money for my birthday and Christmas this year to put towards the flights, hotel and the actual weekend.

I'm hoping to stay at a fellow Twi-Mom's house over there for a couple of days beforehand (she has very kindly offered to put me up) too!

I think we're all getting pretty excited about it around now, and yesterday I was just looking at flights and costs. I have no idea really where I'm heading and I woke up this morning to everybody saying they were going to help me look! YEY!!!!

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