Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saturday 2nd October - War on Team Wolf at WeightWatchers!

As part of my WeightWatchers meeting talk today, I spoke about my "secret lovers" (being chocolate, wine, bread, pizza..... which I had examples of in a bag on my table) but as I mentioned my secret lovers, I heard Best Husband Ever (who is a helper in the meeting) audibly groan.

I began laughing and said "he's only groaning because he thinks I've got Robert Pattinson in this bag! And he can stop rolling his eyes too, because he's not a secret!!"

One member said "Oooo it's got to be Team Wolf..." at which point I told her to leave the meeting (joking of course!) Which then started this random discussion about Twilight!!

I love to find Twilight fans in unexpected places. It is something I have never brought up in front my WW members before, because I thought they might find me a bit of a loon, but it was nice that they were able to discuss it with me too, if even for a couple of minutes.

Now I just have to find a way to relate Twilight to weight loss....

I remember someone talking about doing the "Edward Cullen Diet" which was something along the lines of: Edward has to always be in control when he's around Bella, so as not to eat her, so we have to be in control around our favourite foods so as not to eat them!! Love the premise, though I think I'd just take the food (Bella) away and remove all temptation!

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