Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday 24th October - Fan Fail!

I will post this on Twitter no doubt so everyone will hear about it, and once the photos are uploaded you will see exactly what I mean... but at ET4 with Charlie this weekend (Charlie was one of two surprise guests after a million people dropped out) I paid to have a photoshoot with him as did pretty much all of the people who had come.

Charlie is notorious at making every single one of his photos completely individual, which is great - nobody has the same photo of him, but also this time, some of them were kinda strange, he was covering up people's faces and all sorts!! - so anyway, I had absolutely NO idea what to do this time. I have two great pictures with him from ET3, like a really lovely one and a kind of fun one, so I was thinking of the comedy element a bit.

I'm STILL thinking about it as it gets to my turn in the queue. I notice he has a dogtag chain around his neck. So I walk up to him, grab the chain, pull on it whilst kinda sneering at him, Charlie is pulling this kind of puzzled face at me and the guy takes the photo!

It doesn't sound that bad. What was bad is that I DIDN'T SAY A SINGLE WORD THE WHOLE TIME.

It is absolutely no wonder Charlie's face looks the way it does on the picture! He's probably thinking "Who is this crazy silent woman???" I didn't say "hi", or "how are you" or - and this one REALLY bugs me - "thank you" because if anyone deserves a thank you for a memorable photoshoot, it's Charlie.

I have no idea what was going on! I'm laughing about it now. People I've told say it's not a fail it's a WIN! And that Charlie needed a bit of karma for the crazy shit he was doing to some other fans!! But still...

This will all be a LOT funnier when I've got the photo up.

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