Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Tuesday 12th October - twilight Limited Edition Covers - DESPATCHED!

Woo hoo!! I don't even recall if I've posted about these before, but these Limited Edition white cover, red-edged Twilight books have been released in the UK ONLY!! (Find them on http://play.com for just £4.99 each)

And they're beautiful. They have no writing on them except on the spines. They will not be read by me!!

They are SO gorgeous and they have been despatched!! WOOO!



  1. oooh I remember asking a certain Brit to get one for me ;) *cough*
    LOL! jk hopefully play.com doesn't charge a billion dollars to ship to the US

  2. You didn't ask me!!!? Did you? I'm sure you didn't or I would have hooked you up!

  3. Ok, so I didn't ask you right out. But I actually did a post with you in mind LOL!!!