Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tuesday 19th October - 3 days to go!!!

ET4 is almost here!!

I don't know how much I've said already about this? If I haven't or you're in the UK and you're wondering how it works, here's the details on the convention.


It is run by Massive Events and Showmasters who do not only do conventions for Twilight, they cover a lot of other TV shows and films so you might want to have a look, and see if you can find your favourite!

Some of my friends that are going are NuttyMadam (aka Emma) who you may already know from her youtube page or her twitter, also Vicki and Sarah from the amazing Team Pattinson UK of which I am a dedicated (but not ever-present Orbette!!) and a few people who I met at the last one. AND I'm bringing someone who has never been to a convention before so that should be loads of fun.


(Oh man. Did I really just type that??)

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