Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday 9th November - Eclipse Special VCD Preview (Exclusive to Sugar)

This came with the Sugar magazine I bought the other day. I am intrigued as to whether it contains anything I haven't already seen (bearing in mind that I'm not exactly the foremost authority. I've never seen EVERYTHING!!!)

So I'm kinda watching and typing as I go...

First up, the original theatrical trailers. Nothing exclusive so far.

Next up, Bree featurette. Yep. Seen it.

The "I kissed Bella" clip. Hmmm....

I'm seeing a pattern here. It's all the pre-released stuff from before the film got released. Teaser clips, etc. Why am I suckered in to getting crap?? Mind you it's nice to have it all in once place rather than just watching it all on YouTube right? RIGHT????

Awww shit.

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