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8th December 2010 - Extended / Deleted Scenes *SPOILERS*

I never can quite figure out why these few seconds extra can't be added to the film... but then I guess I'm looking at it from a book-reader's POV rather than a movie-goer's....

However.... here's my take on them:

It's Not Life Or Death:
So this is Angela and Bella are discussing Jacob and Edward, and Angela is putting the human element on the boys - jealousy. I remember it in the book, and I think it's a great scene, but I don't think the film loses anything with it not being there.

I Can't Wait To See What You're Going To Do Next
This is Charlie talking to Bella after she receives her diploma, talking about how proud he is of her and how she will understand when she gets older and has kids. It would have been great to leave it in there to really drive home that Bella isn't going to have any of those things (as far as people who haven't read the books know)

Just Keep The Window Closed
As much as I love this little scene, it doesn't upset me that it was left out. For the book readers among you, you'll know which scene this is!

From Now On I'm Switzerland
It bugs me altogether that they left out the "mythical creatures" part of this line in the movie and it's not in the extended scene either. Grrr. However, there is some actual physical tugging of Bella between Jacob and Edward which I think makes how torn she feels between them very real. I like this scene.

Someone's Creating An Army
Took me a while to figure out what was extended here!! But it's Bella saying "Ooo we should change me now then!" and then everyone saying no and the various reasons why not. Which we all knew about. Not a detraction I guess. Interesting fact though, David Slade's commentary on this scene said that originally they shot a flash of Alice and Edward working for Aro (as in what they would look like if they had gone to work for him if all the Cullens were dead) Now THAT I would like to see!

Bella I Envy You
AHA! Now THIS I wanted to see in the movie. It is all of about 4 seconds, but it's Vera with Rosalie and her curly haired boy Henry. Very important (to me at any rate) to see Rosalie's best friend and the thing she wants most, right before we see Royce perving all over Vera in the street. David Slade did say though that to see Rosalie with a baby was confusing though - and I can see that for people who haven't read the books that yes, as Rosalie IS holding Henry, that can be confusing... Why didn't they have Vera holding her child????

What Did I Say About A Low Profile?
Literally all I can tell that is different about this is that Riley says "Do you understand?" twice for emphasis. It doesn't seem to make any difference to the scene at all, so makes no difference to me either?! Is it bad that I can't tell the difference?!

Jacob's Thoughts Are Pretty Loud
A very important scene here. For example, I think it would have made Best Husband Ever think a little differently about Edward... instead of him saying "MAN! I can't believe he just let her get away with that!" when Bella kissed Jacob (willingly!) he would perhaps have understood why he did it. Just that one extra sentence I think makes all the difference. "When I left, I left you bleeding, and Jacob stitched you up. It's left its mark on both of you. And that's my fault"

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