Wednesday, 8 December 2010

8th December 2010 - Robsten Commentary

So having watched the whole film last night with Best Husband Ever, I then set about watching it all again, this time with the Robert/Kristen commentary on (by the way, this is the ONLY time I will refer to them as Robsten!)

I laughed so much I'm surprised I didn't pee myself!! It made the movie last about twice as long as normal because I kept rewinding bits and here are some of my favourite parts:

Scene: Jacob comes to warn Edward
Rob: I just don’t get your decision making process to leave here.  I didn’t even understand it at the time. So they kinda break up immediately. It’s like “Please, please don’t leave, please” Then it’s like “SHUT UP! I’m gonna go with this guy who wants to cheat, who wants to sleep with me” or whatever. I just said the wrong word! For kids “ He wants to hold my hand!”

Scene (Cullen House discussing Riley’s break in)
Rob: We only have two enemies. (in character) It can’t be Victoria, no way. NO WAY!
Kristen: Maybe it’s the Volturi.
Rob: It can’t be the Volturi either. WHO IS IT????
Kristen: (in character) It can’t be the Volturi!

Scene: Jacob coming to carry Bella up the mountain
Rob: I was reading Breaking Dawn. You just give him so much hassle. All the time.
Kristen: Okay we can’t do this again. Seriously.
Rob: I feel really sorry for him. I remember saying this at the premier and I was talking to people afterwards and just going like, you know, it’s like the most depressing story in the world. You got this little guy coming around with his shirt off all the time. It’s like it’s so close to reality and then there’s always some punk who wants to get up in your business all the time.
Kristen: What are you talking about?
Rob: What are you talking about?
Kristen: How does this relate to your reality?
Rob: And girls can never understand, literally you can only talk to guys about it cos girls never get it. Cos the girl’s like: (in a fake girl voice) “Why? I should be able to do whatever I want!”
Kristen: *laughing*
Rob: And the guy’s like “But I’m in love with you, you’re supposed to, like, respect that. You can’t just keep going off with a naked guy all the time.” If I started hanging out with girls with their boobs out all the time then she just would not like it.
Kristen: *laughs*
Rob*giggles* BOOOOBS!

Scene: Edward waiting on mountain while Jacob carries Bella
Rob: That little tiny section, tiny sentence, SECOND of standing on that mountain took so long in filming at like three o’clock in the morning and there was a bear, which walked onto the set. It was so amazing. A massive grizzly bear. This mountain.
Kristen: Are you sure it was a grizzly bear?
Rob: Yep.
Kristen: Dang.
Rob: And er... Oh maybe it was a brown bear,  I have no idea. I don’t know what the difference is.
Kristen: But you were sure it was a grizzly bear.
Rob: Yes! *laughs*

Scene: Bella faces Edward after kissing Jake
Kristen: It’s too bad that he can’t hear what’s going on in her head, because then it really would be okay.
Rob: No it would not! That’s what girls always think! They always think that - you’re judged on your actions.

One thing I was interested in, was the bit where they were watching the bonfire scene and Kristen said that originally she was playing the part of the third wife in the flashback sequence. That would have been interesting to see. And she also said that they did originally film the scene where Bella imagines her and Jacob old and grey.

I was disappointed not to see either of these in the deleted/extended scenes.

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