Friday, 10 December 2010

Friday 10th December - Advent NOT Calendar

So I've got  myself (what I thought was) an Eclipse Advent calendar to open along with my daughters' In The Night Garden one.... give myself a chocolate a day!!

I was a few days late getting it because we were snowed in (no comments on the snow - Grrrrr) and when I looked at I realised there were no numbers on the doors!?? WTF?

I was a bit confused. I tweeted about it and the response I got was as follows:

"@ its bcoz its not really an advent calendar. S Meyer doesn't believe in advent apparently"

So clearly I'm not the only one who has queried this! There are no numbers on the doors, because our venerable Ms Meyer doesn't believe in Advent. Hmmm.

On closer inspection, it doesn't say "Advent" anywhere on it!! It just says "Milk Chocolate Hearts". I feel a bit cheated, I don't mind saying.

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