Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday 12 January - God Bless The Brother In Law

I cannot tell Best Husband Ever this, otherwise he may divorce me and never speak to his brother ever again... and NO we did not have a sordid romp yesterday whilst husband was at work!!

No, what happened was, BIL came around to drop off our nephew's birthday party invite and as he was about to leave he said "Ooo, meant to say. I'm in the process of getting you the Eclipse advert from the side of the bus. The one with the guy on, this one *points to Edward on Eclipse DVD* It'll just need a jetwash and then it's good to go."

I was just like Oh My Fucking GOD!!!!

We're talking one the size of the upright one of Jacob here:

So... about 6 feet? COOL!!!

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