Monday, 28 February 2011

The Moment I Met Robert Pattinson

Literally! On film!!! Someone was recording it and my wonderful wonderful friend found it!!!! I am dying and just OMFG!!!

Footage from well over a year ago now!! To some it will mean nothing, but to all you true Twilighters and Team Rob fans out there, this few seconds in heaven will mean EVERYTHING!

I am the first person he comes running over to at around 1:50. You hear me saying "Oh my God" a LOT! Like a freak. Then I say thank you, and then like some complete tool, I ask for my pen back. (In my defense, I needed it for Taylor and Kristen to sign too!!) Anyway, also look out for me touching his arm a lot. Luckily the recording ends before I turn to my friend and say "Oh my God he smells fucking amazing!"

So. This is it. It's not much, but I cannot tear my eyes away!!

1 comment:

  1. im so glad it has been captured!!!! that momet is locked away forever!!!
    and he did smell FUCKING AWESOME!
    katie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx