Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tweeting With Celebrities!!

So, just before Nashville, my very good friend Steph tweeted from our NashCon twitter account to Guri Weinberg (who is playing Stefan in Breaking Dawn) to say hi and that we were looking forward to seeing him at NashCon. I then also tweeted to say hi and that I was travelling from the UK to the con and was looking forward to seeing him.

He tweeted us both back, which was pretty cool!! He remembered me when I got to Nashville, and has tweeted with me again since we all got home! Awesome.

ALSO he is now following both me and Cathy and our super-cool blog the Daily Twimes. (I would say we are co-admins, but she does WAY more work than me!)

Then yesterday and today we also tweeted (twittered? twat?) with Noel Fisher (who is playing Vladimir)  and then today a brief exchange with Patrick Brennan (playing Liam)

We are getting to know these Breaking Dawn vamps!! We may be in luck by the time November 2012 rolls around!!!

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